July 18th, 2012

Emergency Report Part II: Custodians & related issues
How to prevent being financially checkmated.

Dear Colleague,
Below is a link to the second instalment of our series of reports to help our readers avoid financial catastrophes.
This second report deals with technical issues that every investor needs to periodically review. Without mastering these core issues, the investment process often fails. Making money that is then lost due to improper planning, is every financial advisors nightmare.
As a financial advisory firm, we need to take a view on macro and local trends. The thoughts expressed in these reports are very sober conclusions drawn from following the popular and professional literature, and the ensuing discussions with our various team members, professional contacts and clients.
If you need further help, we would be pleased to hear from you.
Our services are built on a Buyer's Agent approach, which is very different from 95% of Wealth Managers, Private Bankers, Financial Planners and similar services. Our primary goal is problem solving, not pushing products or any specific solution.
The third instalment of these free reports will be issued next month. It will be discussing Asset Allocation strategies during the current Depression. These reports are meant to provide in-depth analysis of the most critical subjects in order to succeed in these difficult times.
This and the ensuing reports will be issued in two formats. You can download the entire report as a pdf. Alternatively, you can use a web adapted version of the report so that you can quickly move between only those sections that are of interest.
We welcome your interest in our services, and encourage you sending us feedback.

Part 2:

Understanding the critical role of Custodians
As indicated in Part 1, it is critical that anyone with some wealth keep their money in more than one country.
The first part of this report is about the two special considerations that need to be resolved before one chooses custodians, whether they be Banks or other financial institutions, at home or abroad. . . .

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