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21CA has created a low-cost service to help Financial Advisors, Family Office administrators and others, develop and maintain portfolios, using North American and European sourced securities and managers. One of the key research strategies used by 21CA analysts is to find the best of the best.

Should 21CA receive a direct mandate to manage an account, it will work with the chosen custodian, a trust company, bank, insurance company or other entity, to build and manage the portfolio for the underlying client. Alternatively, 21CA can work as a consultant to the portfolio's manager

Based on a simple client intake questionnaire, 21CA will quickly create a well thought out plan that includes the option for ongoing portfolio management. Portfolios are developed to meet client needs, interests, risk/reward profile, currency risk/allocation needs, and many other factors. Portfolios follow one of three investment construction and management strategies.

Modified 'Buy & Hold' - An asset-class enhanced balanced portfolio is constructed using outstanding Asset Managers, Mutual Funds or ETFs. 21CA 's ongoing involvement provides rebalancing, monitoring and replacing current holdings with better performing ones, and closing down parts of the portfolio to prevent losses in rapidly deteriorating market conditions.

Portfolio of Outstanding Investments - 21CA is constantly looking for outstanding managers and sectors that are in a class by themselves. 21st Century creates portfolios of investments that may be for high return, low return and low volatility or other parameters using the best investment managers that can be found, given the goals, the size of the funds available, and other criteria of the custodian involved. Portfolios are regularly updated, reoriented and improved.

Technical Trading - This is 21st Century Advisors' specialty. A total money management system providing

(a) great investment returns, with

(b) low downside volatility, plus

(c) potentially instant access to all assets via a chequebook or VISA card. Click here for details .

21CA's recommendations have consistently proven to result in above average returns.

Take advantage of a free opportunity to have a third party create an individualized plan for your clients.
Reinhard Damberger
(44)  777 171 4686

Jean Kauffmann
(972) 54 638 1803
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