21CA is a firm of international wealth / asset managers established by international financial advisors and trust companies, initially to provide services to underlying clients. 

21CA began its first international wealth /asset management program, called Technical Trading, in 1992.  Initially it was used to manage CMA accounts at American brokerage firms, for resident expats in Europe and the Middle East.  To this day, 21CA provides a seamless Dollar banking and international investment programme to clients of many nationalities.  21CA clients often have instant liquidity to virtually all their assets, while often getting growth rates close to the S&P500 index, and with much lower total costs than from traditionnal banking and investment programmes. 

Technical Trading accounts can act like a traditional bank account, but give market-beating results.  Click here for more info about
Technical Trading.

21CA also does International Portfolio Management, since 1994, on an individual and institutional basis. The mandate is to choose the best investment classes and international managers worldwide -- to grow dynamic portfolios that are actively managed.  Again, the rates of return and reliability have proven to be well above average, by including more asset classes and absolute return strategies than others.  Click here for more informationrmation about International Portfolio Management.

Both programmes are technically based Asset Management methodologies with a fundamental overlay.  We would be happy to tell you more, and are willing to show fellow managers, IFAs, Family Office administrators, Trustees and Independent Custodians a potentially better way of handling client assets.  Click here for more information about Services to Family Offices & Custodians.

If you would like to explore the possibility of having 21CA manage your personal portfolio, click here for more information about
Services to Individuals.

In addition, 21CA provides other international asset managers with information about outstanding products that we use in the international portfolios.  Click here for more info about Product Distribution.

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