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21CA works via Independent Financial Advisors and financial service firms around the world. In order to provide above average stability and returns for our underlying clients, we use many products that seem to be relatively unknown to our colleagues in the industry.

21CA acts as an information, product and service exchange providing interested parties with periodic updates of opportunities that might be of interest to the financial professional. Send us an e-mail to be put on the distribution list to begin receiving bulletins.

Subscribers receive periodic updates about:

(a) products that we feel are outstanding and where we can introduce you to the managers at very favourable terms;

(b) exciting new products that may have more meaning to you when recommended by an end-user like ourselves; and

(c) products and opportunities that are truly unique and exceptional.

Click here to look at our CMIQ bulletin.

Do you have a problem or need? Try us! You may be very pleasantly surprised with the results.

If interested in quick, personalized, additional information, contact one of us directly.

Reinhard Damberger
(44)  777 171 4686

Jean Kauffmann
(972) 54 638 1803
Mark van Gelderen
(1) 413 200 8895
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