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Do you want high investment returns without undue risk? The 21CA Profit Masters account has the following features:

During stable market conditions, 21CA develops for its clients a balanced portfolio of the best broad-based securities available.

The client may add sub-portfolios of investments in the top performing sectors, including several individual outstanding company's shares that are exceptional.

During stable markets, chosen assets usually have a history of 16% annual returns, or much better, during those market periods.

Liquidity and access to most, if not all, of the portfolio - often within 2 weeks.

Upside gains are as good as, or better than market indices.

Constant monitoring of dynamic loss limits, reduces bear market downside risk.

Broadly diversified portfolios are held long-term in up-markets, and sit in cash with most or all of your assets during the worst market crashes.

Be invested in as many as 15 holdings that could represent thousands of underlying securities, covering most investment classes.

Brokerage costs can be as low as zero if only no-load funds are used. Other trading related costs are standard discount brokerage charges.

24/7 monitoring of your (US$) account is instantly available from most places in the world, via no-cost calling to account specialists or via the internet. Slightly less robust services for European based accounts.

Diversification between Asset Classes, including Currencies, countries, industrial sectors, commodity classes, long and short funds, geared funds, Real Estate, etc.

The (US) custodians often provide simple withdrawal possibilities including Cheques and Debit Card.

Accounts can't be churned, as the sole compensation is a periodic management fee.

Interested in knowing more?

Request additional information, including a model showing the core contents of all USA based accounts, plus optional additions customized to meet client requirements.

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(44)  777 171 4686

Jean Kauffmann
(972) 54 638 1803
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