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21CA has created tools that allow independent financial professional to provide outstanding results at low-cost, especially for family offices and custodians.

Here are some of the tools that may be of benefit to your organization.
RFP Service: The Problem: You have a specific mandate and need to find an outstanding solution; whether it is to find the best fiduciary custodian, outstanding insurance services, specific types of investment management, a better bank, forward currency trading systems, or anything in between. The RFP (Request for Proposals) system is the answer. Within days 21CA will help you organize the issue and send it out anonymously to a wide array of candidates or referrals to good potential providers. The information is gathered, organized and analyzed; quickly and at low cost.

Portfolio Development and Management Service: 21CA would be thrilled to be one of your managers. Various pages on this website explain ways to have lower risk - higher return portfolio results; with unique features developed exclusively for 21CA clients. Portfolios are developed to meet clients' specific needs, interests, risk/reward profile, currency risk/allocation needs, plus many other factors.

Product Distribution Service: We often can provide other managers with access to products and services that they either would not have known about, or could not access on their own. 21CA has Terms of Business with dozens of financial firms on four continents. Qualified firms can access products and services through our established channels with these providers. Two pleasing consequences from using our established channels are that we already know the culture of each counterparty hence initial deals for those using our systems go more smoothly. Increased volumes through one channel increases quality of service, and often remuneration to all parties, while simultaneously decreasing individual per transaction costs. Also check out the Product Distribution area of this website. Click here to look at our latest bulletin.

Do you have a problem or need? Try us! You may be very pleasantly surprised with the results.

We would be pleased to hear from you to discuss your needs and concerns.

For further details about this service, go to our dedicated website that gives more detailed explanations about how we can solve a major portion of your business needs. Click here

Reinhard Damberger
(44)  777 171 4686

Jean Kauffmann
(972) 54 638 1803
Mark van Gelderen
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