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Here is further information to help you understand 21CA's unique Technical Trading portfolio management system.

Technical Trading is probably the most sensible program for core investing for individuals, for trust accounts and for pension type funds. Technical Trading gives high returns, while significantly reducing downside risk, and often allows greater liquidity (immediate access to your money) than most other investment programs. Even in 2008, the worst annual loss for our clients, drawdowns were between 15 and 25%. Even most Bond Funds did significantly worse!

If done through a U.S. onshore fund group or brokerage account, instant liquidity is often available via a checkbook. American annuity accounts sometimes even have as a feature insurance against losses! Non-Americans can easily open US investment accounts with few administrative or tax issues. With investment houses outside the United States, liquidity is usually within two business days, and wire withdrawals happen soon thereafter.

As the 2008 investment year proved more than ever, even the best investment managers usually lose significant money in down markets. Technical Trading is a proven methodology that detects market weakness and usually gets out before the investor loses too much of their profits. The funds sit in top grade bonds or cash during periods of market uncertainty, and move back into equities when it appears that safe money can be made once again. The goal is safety, high returns and easy access to the funds. 21CA clients have consistently accomplished these goals.

21CA provides three levels of Technical Trading.

There is a very conservative PEA programme for those who want mainly to Preserve and Enhance Assets, to stay above inflation with lower market risk. Click here for more info about The PEA Programme.

Most Clients continue to use the main Technical Trading programme that is meant to outperform both a classical balanced portfolio or an asset allocation portfolio.

Those wanting higher growth can opt for the Profit Masters programme that concentrates, when in the market, mainly on securities with higher historical rates of return, but at times with less diversification. Click here for more info about Profit Masters.

All plans attempt to use carefully researched securities that are category leaders. In normal markets expect to do about as well as if you bought and held leading managed funds long-term. In volatile markets, which occur every few years, 21CA's systems usually saves the investor from tremendous losses, and allows the portfolio to re-enter near the beginning of market recoveries, with significantly more assets than those who do not have a proven unemotional system to survive during hard times. The investor receives significant long-term enhanced returns, due to 21CA's disciplined technical trading skills, placed on top of outstanding fundamentally-oriented investments.

Some accounts are directly managed by 21CA, while others are referred to other companies with excellent track records at managing investment accounts.

If this sounds intriguing, or too good to be true, 21CA has a library of articles that can be sent by e-mail. These will help you understand and corroborate the value of using a disciplined system to assure investment success, with fewer headaches.

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