What is the ideal investment?

What is the most effective bank account?

What is the ultimate money management system?

Do your entire Dollar banking and investing via a single account that gives you the following features:

Instant liquidity and access to most if not all your funds, via cheques, VISA cards or wire transfers.

Upside gains that generally beat money market and bond returns.

Limit downside risk. 21CA, using stop loss techniques, switches out of markets during significant downturns and stays in cash as much of the time as possible.

Invest in cutting-edge industries and economies before they hit the news.

Broadly diversified portfolios that are invested in as many as 20 securities (representing perhaps thousands of individual holdings) in up-markets. Safely sit in cash equivalents with most or all of assets in uncertain markets.

24/7 access to your accounts from most places in the world, via no-cost calling to account specialists, or via the internet.

This investment account is simultaneously a checking and VISA debit account. Everything is recorded on one simple statement (available monthly by mail or instantly on-line).

No churning of accounts, as 21Century is paid only via a simple management agreement.

21CA began the Technical Trading program in 1992. Initially it managed CMA accounts at American brokerage firms for expats in Europe and the Middle East. Technical Trading is done internationally using large mutual fund platforms, like Franklin Templeton, where 21CA chooses between their dozens of funds, and can move clients assets on a regular basis at little or no additional cost. Minimum asset size is $200,000 or equivalent.

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