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21CA , 21st Century Advisors, is an asset management firm established by (and until recently working exclusively for) a small group of international financial advisors and trust companies, providing services to their underlying clients. 

Despite the edge provided by our enviable track records and services to our parent organizations, our Directors decided the time had come to serve a wider audience. 

If you are a financial advisor or a sophisticated investor with assets over a half million Dollars, you may want to know more.

21CA , 21st Century Advisors,  is a Sub-Advisor to Capital Markets IQ, a leading Registered Investment Advisor in the United States, and to Devonshire Warwick Capital LlP, a London based Investment Banking firm.  In both instances 21CA provides technical advice to the managers and clients of the associated firms, and has access to the knowledge,  products and services on offer from these firms.

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Reinhard Damberger
(44)  777 171 4686

Jean Kauffmann
(972) 54 638 1803
Mark van Gelderen
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